Remote Neural Monitoring

Just wrote to the White House requesting an investigation regarding use of Remote Neural Monitoring for illegal experimentation.   A large part of my life has been manipulated and hurt all in the name of National Security.

NSA has the right to use RNM for security reasons.  Then, there are the other people with ‘allowed access” to same technology.   Many have the permission to better this technology by experimenting on the people they are suppose to protect.   How fucked up is that?!

Will keep on writing to get my brain, body, life back.

PS.  With regards to my last post –  After finally telling my sister about the hell I have endured for years, I did hear back from her and with love and concern!   People, families need to stick together and stay in touch.   A simple text message of love, nothing fancy.

Keep writing & fighting.

4 thoughts on “Remote Neural Monitoring

  1. i have been a victim of this rnm for over 25 yrs and have wrote to the fcc filed 5 police reports and talked with fbi all with no investigation. Best of luck with the letter.

  2. Cayla says:

    A new RNM victim here, would like someone to talk to, please email

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